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WalkUrban team presented at conferences

The WalkUrban team has presented three papers (AESOP, RGS, EUGEO) and a poster (WCTR) at international conferences this summer. In addition, we organised and moderated two special sessions (AESOP 2023 and RGS 2023) and one roundtable (AESOP2023) as well as we were invited to moderate a special session at the EUGEO 2023. We discussed various methods for examining walking and cycling accessibility as well as walking experiences and behaviour of people in different urban settings. In our special sessions we attracted over 20 papers and the roundtable was attended by ca. 40 participants.

The WalkUrban project has formed the basis for exploring future research agenda for promoting activity modes and especially walking as the primary mean of transport. 

We presented the following work based on WalkUrban results:


Anna-Lena an der Vlugt, Edward Prichard, Jonas De Vos, Katrin Lättmann, Noriko Otsuka and Janina Welsch (2023) ‘Walkability and accessibility perceptions of vulnerable groups and their implication for local planning practice’, paper presented at Special Session: What about the people? A holistic and multifaceted approach to active travel, AESOP Annual Congress: Integrated planning in a world of turbulence, 13 July 2023, Lodz, Poland.

Katrin Lättman, Janina Welsch, Anna-Lena van der Vlugt, Jonas de Vos, Edward Prichard and Noriko Otsuka (2023) ‘Walking satisfaction in Dortmund, Genoa, and Gothenburg’, paper presented at Special Session: Walking in the city: walking experiences and walking behaviour in urban settings, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference – RGS 2023, 31 August 2023, online.

Janina Welsch, Anna-Lena van der Vlugt, Edward Prichard, Katrin Lättman, Jonas De Vos, Noriko Otsuka (2023) ’Neighbourhood walkability people’s perceptions and vulnerabilities in three European cities’, paper presented at the Special Session 1199: Soft mobility planning to promote liveable and inclusive cities, EUGEO 2023, 6 September 2023, Barcelona, Spain.


Jonas De Vos, Katrin Lättman, Edward Prichard, Anna-Lena van der Vlugt, Janina Welsch and Noriko Otsuka (2023) ‘Analysing the determinants of perceived walkability, and its effects on walking (satisfaction)’, paper presented at World Conference on Transport Research – WCTR 2023 Montreal 20 July 2023.

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For further information of our presentations: Noriko Otsuka (noriko.otsuka @ils-forschung.de)

On behalf of the WalkUrban project team (www.walkurban.eu)