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Roundtable and Special Session at AESOP2023

Our proposals for a roundtable and special session to AESOP 2023 Annual Congress have been accepted! The WalkUrban team will be attending the congress to present our preliminary results from three case studies: Gothenburg, Dortmund and Genoa.

The special session will be chaired by two members of the WalkUrban project, Anna-Lena van der Vlugt (ILS Research gGmbH) and Edward Prichard (University of Gävle). The session title is “What about the people? A holistic and multifaceted approach to active travel.” The session will address non conventional approaches for researching walking and cycling accessibility, such as walk along interviews. Ten interesting papers have been accepted and their topics range from active travel and accessibility to users’ perceptions and social equity.

The roundtable is a joint effort with the members of the EX-TRA project. Like WalkUrban, this project is one of the 15 successful projects funded by JPI Urban Europe ENAUC (ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity) Programme. Together with Dr. Benjamin Büttner (Technical University of Munich, EX-TRA), Dr. Noriko Otsuka (ILS Research gGmbH, WallkUrban) will facilitate a discussion on current methodologies for accessibility research to promote active transport in urban streets and neighbourhoods. The roundtable will include five discussants from the two projects and an interactive format of discussion will be planned according to three key themes (key deaminates to encourage active travel; the transferability of assessment tools, the role of tools in the decision-making process).   

Contact email address:

For the special session: Anna-Lena van der Vlugt (anna-lena.vlugt@ils-forschung.de) and Edward Prichard (edward.prichard@hig.se)

For the roundtable: Noriko Otsuka (noriko.otsuka @ils-forschung.de)

On behalf of the WalkUrban project team (www.walkurban.eu)

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